We have always been drawn to mud puddles and dirt since playing days of childhood. Every child enjoys mud activities such as mixing soil, water and other natural materials like pebbles, leaves or grass. Everyone will have childhood memories of being covered in the mud from head to toe. As a child, this sticky substance gave the impression of having magical powers. While we might have grown up now, we still reminisce those days. Whenever we hold mud in hand, it feels like we can create anything from it; just like childhood days.

 We might not enjoy the idea of getting dirty in the mud now- not only for us but also for our kids. But it is good for kids to play in the mud. As per the science, playing in the mud does not only add to the fun, it’s good for kids and adults too. This magical material gives joyful experience with physical, emotional and psychological benefits.


  • Mud makes happy


As per the research, exposure to this friendly soil bacterium (Mycobacterium Vaccae) kindles the immune system. Due to this, the brain releases the serotonin and endorphin which is useful for regulating the mood.


  • Reduces the susceptibility to depression


This friendly bacterium in mud has the ability to lighten the mood and reduces the exposure to depression in adults and child too.


  • Builds creativity


Playing in the mud is an open-ended nature which is perfect for the development of the brain in kids. The ideas for creation and games become unlimited. This type of unstructured and outdoor play not only helps in forming creative ideas but also enhances problem-solving and thinking abilities.


  • Creates childhood memories


The childhood experiences of playing outdoor games help kids in creating and understanding the concept. This makes the kids active and reinforces the intrinsic benefits.


  • Build an adventurous spirit


People are adding more to their experiences while braving the mud, splashing and squashing around. In childhood, a person gets an opportunity to instil and nurture their base of critical thinking and risk assessment. This strengthens the attitude towards adventure and development of skills that can be carried throughout.

Playing in the mud has always been fun and simple in childhood. As an adult, we don’t get any opportunities of playing in the mud. Mud is magic that makes us feel more happy, relaxed and calm. During childhood, its charm is often appreciated, which gets lost as we grow older. 

Nowadays, at the time of Holi festival, various mud fest events are organised throughout the country. This gives a chance to adults to play in the mud and recall the jump in mud puddles as a child. Every person likes to get dirty, jump, slide and slip into the mud puddles. Playing in the mud could be amazing and liberating. Let’s enjoy the mud fest on this Holi and relive the mud magic in a completely new way.

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