Who do you think is a superstar?

Most of us think superstars are the people whom we see on the big screen- dancing with the actress, fighting the villains; but are they superstars in real life?

Superstar can be anyone who works for the benefit of the society; a day in and day out. Many people work for years to make society a better place, yet don’t get any recognition from their peers.

Through mud fest, we have taken the initiative to felicitate the people who have worked for the betterment of society.

We will select 50 superstars who will be our celebrities for Mud fest 2020. The selected superstars will walk on the red carpet and interact with various media houses about the effort done by them over the years. The press releases of Mud fest 2020 will be highlighting their work and achievement.

Mud fest 2020 isn’t only about play and joy. Through this event, we also want to make a difference in our society. No better way to do that than by recognizing our superstars. So, if you want to be a superstar and walk on the red carpet, submit your form for Mud fest 2020 today.

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