Holi, the festival of colour is celebrated on the full moon day of the Phalgun month. This embarks the end of winter season and beginning of the summer season.

While Holi is celebrated in India to spread love and brotherhood, it holds importance since ancient times as well. The festival symbolizes the victory of good over evil. As per mythology, there was a king called Hiranyakashyap. He was an arrogant man and wanted to kill his son Prahlad for not considering him as God. He had a sister named Holika. She was blessed with a boon to be immune to fire. She coaxed Prahlad to sit on her lap while she was on a pyre. While sitting on the pyre, Prahlad kept chanting the lord’s name. Seeing true devotion of Prahlad, Lord Vishnu saved him from the pyre and punished Holika for her cruelty. Prahlad survived while Holika was burned to death. In north India, pyres are burnt one day before Holi, to keep the tradition of Holika Dahan alive. 

While Holi is celebrated by people of all ages and gender, it is most popular among the kids. On this festival, every child likes to play pranks, throw water balloons, put colors, splash water and do other fun activities. As it is natural for kids to be notorious while having fun, it is important for elders to keep a closer eye on the kids, to ensure they don’t get hurt in the process.

Tips to make the kids play Holi safely-


  • Use eco-friendly colors


Today colors come with full of chemicals that cause harm to the skin. Choose organic and eco-friendly colors for your children to save skin and hair. These colors are not expensive and could be the best choice for your kids as it comes with natural elements.


  • Keep an eye on your kid


Always ensure that there is 1 elder with a kid while he/she is playing with colors and water. In many parties or houses, a large drum or tub is used for supplying water. The kid might fall into it while playing or bending down to fill their pichkaris. It is important to stay close to the kids to prevent them from these accidents.


  • Teach kids for using pichkaris safely


Usually, children go naughty when they have pichkaris in hand. They splash water on the people whom they don’t know, causing harm to their face, eyes or mouth. It is important to teach the children of handling pichkaris safely, play with people they are familiar with and not to disturb strangers.  


  • Choose clothes that cover most of the skin


Make your child wear clothes that cover the maximum of the skin. Avoid using short clothes and sleeveless t-shirts. Use full-sleeves t-shirts, pants or pyjamas to keep the skin safe from the direct application of color.

Holi is the festival of bonding and celebration. It should be only fun-filled with family & friends. Being little alert and proactive can help avoid accidents during these playful times. Teach the children for playing safely this festival of colors and enjoying wholeheartedly.

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