Holi, the biggest and famous festival of India is around the corner. In whichever part of the country you live, there will surely be an event happening just around you. If you want to do something exciting and new on this Holi, head to Surat. The biggest Mud fest event will be happening on Holi in Surat this year as well.

While mud fest sound fun and exciting, it is advisable to maintain precaution before you hit the dirt. Kindly consider below advice to have the most fun of your time on this holi-


  • Avoid taking expensive gadgets


While dancing or playing in the mud, you might lose the gadget or get it covered in mud. It is not easy to hold the gadgets in hand while you are playing in the mud. Lockers will be provided in the event, so either keep the gadgets safely in a locker or leave at home, in the car, etc.


  • Avoid stress for booking


You can avail the tickets or passes online or at the venue. Nobody likes to miss such events when it is happening in your country. The mud activities such as mud pit, rain dance, etc. bring lots of fun and joy. If you are not able to pre-book the tickets or passes on discount due to some emergencies, don’t worry. Today, event organisers are aware of the busy schedules of the people. They even provide passes or tickets at the venue so that you can enjoy the event to the fullest.


  • Avoid wearing new clothes


Don’t wear new clothes in mud fest. As the name suggests, you will be playing in the mud all day and will be getting covered in mud, drinks and other kinds of bodily fluids. When you will go into the mud pits or rain dance, your clothes will be ruined. Thus, it is advisable not to wear new clothes for the event. The same applies to your hair and make-up. Avoid wasting your time by dressing up for like a function. Just go freely with comfortable clothes and enjoy the mud fest to the fullest.


  • Don’t eat or drink too much


Usually, at such events, people overindulge in food and drinks. They end up filling their stomach too much leading to health problems. Avoid eating or drinking too much in advance. The event goes on for 5-6 hours. Eat or drink slowly to avoid getting sick during the process. It will be difficult to enjoy the party if your stomach feels heavy.


  • Don’t forget the benefits of mud


Since childhood, you have heard that mud is good for the skin. Today, many cosmetic companies sell mud or clay masks for face and body. Mud fest could be the best opportunity for getting yourself soaked into the mud. Multani Mitti is used in the fest, which is completely organic, natural and best for the skin.

Mud fest is not only for drinking, eating and having fun; It is also about bringing the local communities together and promoting tourism. Enjoy the event and use the above suggestions to make it a memorable one.

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